RIDE FOR REVENGE "king of the snakes" LP


RIDE FOR REVENGE "king of the snakes" LP

Glorification of primeval maleficent powers through music so primitive and poised- yet insanely advanced and dangerous.
Drums are throbbing in enchanted dignity, hailing the wicked tribes with hypnotic pulsation- provoking a condition imperative to comprehend the message.
Guitars slither low- a pathfinder through labyrinthine ditches of depravity- determined and unstoppable.
Utterly demented by demonic libation, a voice obsesses over visions of supernatural lust, judgment and sacrifice- recognize the mechanics of uprising!
Night takes over and these are the nocturnal metamorphosis that follow...

Recorded at EARBAT (tm) summer 2006
Music composed and performed by RIDE FOR REVENGE
Lyrics by Harald Mentor
Session theremin in "erotic needs in emotional void" by M.A.
Mastered by Turkka Holmqvist
RIDE FOR REVENGE logo by Werwolf
Lyrics calligraphy by Ivan Kocev

All are housed in fold-out covers, hand-printed on custom cut heavy paper.

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