Distro update (HEPTAMERON, INCITATUS) 17 November 2021

The metal is great, and now in stock at FUCK YOGA

HEPTAMERON "grand master of the final harvest" LP

Another Hellenic cult wrought of the 21st century, HEPTAMERON takes a distinctly grimy and thrash-influenced approach to the black metal genre. In fact, were it not for the spacious, reverb laden rasp of the guitarist/vocalist 'Kleanthis Necrofiend', it might not assimilate into that genre entirely, but parallels are neatly drawn to the brute 80's sounds of POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM and SLAYER, with a sliver of a younger SAMAEL.

INCITATUS "demo 1994" LP

Norway 1994, the first demo from INCITATUS sees the light of day and overflows the listeners with a sick mix of black metal and doom. A year later the changed their name to SVARTSYN to release "Aandens Melankoli" which shares one track with this demo. Now the INCITATUS demo has been rereleased and is available on vinyl fort he first time. The music has been mastered from the original tape by Patrick Engel from Temple of Disharmony.
Few things can beat the feeling of digging up an obscure, forgotten Norwegian black metal-demo from the golden age of the early 90’s. When you’ve spun all the classics to death and you’re tired of bitching about the veterans that are working on way past their prime, you just want to find something you haven’t heard. Something that can take you back to the dramatic heydays of the early 90’s. Now, this is one such release. You can seriously the taste of 1994 just by listening to this.