SLOTH "SLOTH's 1987-2019 authentic Floridian death metal recordings" 7"24.12.20 · FY · #75

Too late for the death metal party?

"Allow me to set the picture for you... the year was 1987.
My morning school bus ride consisted of mostly the tapes RxIxB, SxBxGx, "under the sign...", "the eyes of horror" & "coroner's office" in my Walkman.
In "home room" I sat next to Steve Johnston... an "honor's class" student who was amused by my obsession with the aforementioned extreme music.
Our school would have events where they would allow the class to vote for the songs that would be played at said events. I would always write in "armies of the dead" or "angel of death". Steve would ask me what he should write in. I would suggest "zombie ritual", "no will to live" or something of that nature. He used my suggestions with glee.
One day Steve said he wrote lyrics for my imaginary band I called SOAPY FISH. I thought of the name, as a bag boy at my neighborhood grocery store. All the bag boys were under constant scrutiny to not bag seafood with cleaning products. Thus, was born, my imaginary band's name.
What made the whole scenario endearing to me was not Steve's love of extreme music. He didn't love it. Steve's 2 favorite bands were RUSH & MARILLION. What made the whole thing endearing was his enjoyment of MY love of extreme music. In fact, I remember him telling me NOT to tell anyone he penned the lyrics to "flaming Christmas tree" for fear of fingers wagging from classmates & teachers alike.
Fast-forward to 1992... I met Jeff Shirilla in college. FINALLY someone who shared my obsession for dXm!! We quickly recorded to 4-track, as a duo (under the moniker SIX SIX SIX), "flaming Christmas tree". We dreamed of MORRISOUND &/or SUNLIGHT STUDIO. Of a record deal with EARACHE or R/C.
Now, more than THREE DECADES later, my longest-running idea-made-tangible (SLOTH) has recorded "flaming Christmas tree" at MORRISOUND RECORDING. Maybe we'll record "I bowl for satan" at SUNLIGHT." -Dom K.

THE UPSIDEDOWN FLAMES "creeps at shows" 7"24.12.20 · FY · #74

Coded in the lacerations of punk/ romantic horrors/ industrialized street kraut- a hasty meeting on the dissecting table of the perpetually thrilling creeps of HORRID RED and TEENAGE PANZERKORPS.
Hear the Boy True- a presence pregnant with alarm, wow!
Hear the Edmund Xavier- a mustang under the sun!
Hear the Clay Ruby- an elegant shadow!
The guest list is gaping and you are all invited!

BACTERIUM "sunt lacrymae rerum" LP24.12.20 · FY · #73


A deed guided by macabre flicker; the lantern ill-consorted with the degradation of sepulchral arts.
Imposing with eccentric decorum (bedlamic divination unvarnished) and alluring ambience, BACTERIUM cultivate the wicked naturalism of real doom; poetic and necrotic.

THE WALKING KORPSES "all safe and dead" LP24.12.20 · FY · #72

Radiant. Phantasmagoric. Postpunk.
It is the apparition of a savage dancer in the jungle- electric undead- a leap outward the cranial island.
It is humid and sensual and it is too real and I hope it is permanent.
A fever (sweet).
A single hermetic image (boyish) blooming into an excessive memory of deep nature and wars; an unrememberance of sorts...
Monitor the old world/ new world carousel swirl like a dervish from the comfort of your music system and recognize the grand spectacle.

Performed by the personnel of TEENAGE PANZERKORPS, DIAT, LAST DOMINION LOST...

PROPOVED "onaj koji niko jeste" 12"01.01.20 · FY · #71

PROPOVED is personification of ancient heavy metal/ doom of obscured underground caliber.
As if frozen in time, PROPOVED are uncontaminated by trendiness or modernization- both in their rustic 80's-alike performance and their approach to themes of Slavic folklore. Inspired by medieval Balkan heresies and schizms, PROPOVED play their music with an anxious feel and primitive integrity that is magnetic and spellbinding. A precious gem of true heavy doom for those bewtiched by the acts of NIGRO MANTIA, PAGAN ALTAR, early CANDLEMASS, HELLHAMMER, AMEBIX...

DAŽD "krv i seme" LP01.01.20 · FY · #70

Primordial ritualistic punk metal yielded from the blood-soaked soil of Serbia insane.
DAŽD is authentic Balkan spite and spit in the face of imperialism; a ritual of the tribes guarding the flames below- combusting dogma into powers unprecedented through an occult frenzy.

Promethean crust for eternal warriors- ARISE!


RIDE FOR REVENGE "chapter of alchemy- singles and compilation tracks 2006-2013" 2xLP01.01.20 · FY · #69

Authoritative, bewitched and hellion metal- FUCK!
An urgent call of infernal response- unambiguous and strict- defiling the court of mercy
To communicate darkness with morbid brilliance...

The collection consists of "the renegade temple" EP, splits with TORTURIUM and METI BHUVAH, and compilation songs exclusive to METAL ON METAL III, HELVETIN MUSTA PETO, GRAVE COMMAND and THE LOST TAPES OF BESTIAL BURST; a total of 66 minutes

ZEITNOT s/t 8"01.01.20 · FY · #68

Macedonian atavistic krautnoise freakout at it's rawest and most-imminent.
A dive forward in the slough-stream of surrogate consciousness; perpetuating the inmost qualities of PSYCHIC TV mid-80's live releases, THE STOOGES "freak" and LES RALLIZES DÉNUDÉS.
This is a 20-minute valiant, shape-shifting and uncanny journey with not even ZEITNOT behind the wheel.

ЌЕ ДА Е ЃАОЛО (KJE DA E GJAOLO) s/t 7"01.01.20 · FY · #67

YES- we is the insalubrious progeny of the Heavens Defiled- an eerie frown upon lesser than perverted metal!
YES- we is the intoxication evaporating from the Black Mass of Absu- a rogue celebration!
YES- we is the degenerate clairvoyants- crucifucked and fermented on the Upsidedown Cross!

(thrice acknowledged in rooster's blood)

RIDE FOR REVENGE "the king of snakes" LP22.04.19 · FY · #66

Glorification of primeval maleficent powers through music so primitive and poised- yet insanely advanced and dangerous.
Drums are throbbing in enchanted dignity, hailing the wicked tribes with hypnotic pulsation- provoking a condition imperative to comprehend the message.
Guitars slither low- a pathfinder through labyrinthine ditches of depravity- determined and unstoppable.
Utterly demented by demonic libation, a voice obsesses over visions of supernatural lust, judgment and sacrifice- recognize the mechanics of uprising!
Night takes over and these are the nocturnal metamorphosis that follow...

VERMILION DEVIATE "kriza / the vision is lost" 7"28.03.19 · FY · #65

This VERMILION DEVIATE 7" is a case of more precious pearls coming out of the Macedonian archive, and once again reveals how Macedonia was just as inventive as other better-advertised factories of Ex-Yugoslavia’s subcultural sonic experiments. Both tracks on here are pounding, anthemic, and mix a 1980s baggage of post-punk, goth and angst-rock with a luscious maximalism that pleasantly reveal their early ‘90s origins. “Kriza” is a slow 7-minute manifesto filled with a frozen sense of doom, in which Zlatko Trajkovski’s nihilistic crooning is reminiscent of BORGHESIA circa "Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti", lifted by Eleonora Stojanovikj’s soulfulness which seems to give the track its corporeality. “Vision is Lost” starts as a BAUHAUS-esque galop, all swirvy bass and screaming guitars, and ends on a totally epic duet of sampled voices and neurotic drums – the last 40 seconds of the track are pure gold. But the most fascinating thing about these tracks is how explicitly political they feel now, both in their lyrics and in their performance, seemingly using their mysticism, intelligence, nervous dismay and even their elegance as some kind of call for change. God knows what VERMILION DEVIATE were actually thinking, but judging from the archival performance videos also dug out in occasion of this release – an intoxicating succession of bare painted chests, dim purple lighting, objects on fire and religious icons projected onto plastic sheeting – they deserve to be taken seriously. (Flora Pitrolo, A COLDER CONSCIOUSNESS)

BURMESE "privileged" LP28.03.18 · FY · #64

BURMESE provides peerless entertainment for an aficionado of the extreme. 13 counts of blunt mental traumas exclaimed in a form both vulgar and elegant- entrancingly toying with nauseating (a)symmetry.
Two bass guitars battling for dominance in ecstasy. Two drums painstakingly conducting a beat of frenzied violence; be it militaristic vignettes or full-on grinding. Two vocals topping each other in a deathclutch.
A high-speed thrashnoise/ moribund no-wave triumph; freaks into early NAPALM DEATH/ SWANS/ WHITEHOUSE- recognize!