Out now! THE WALKING KORPSES "all safe and dead" LP/ shirt 24 December 2020

FY#72 THE WALKING KORPSES "all safe and dead" LP


It is the apparition of a savage dancer in the jungle- electric undead- a leap outward the cranial island.
It is humid and sensual and it is too real and I hope it is permanent.
A fever (sweet).
A single hermetic image (boyish) blooming into an excessive memory of deep nature and wars; an unrememberance of sorts...
Monitor the old world/ new world carousel swirl like a dervish from the comfort of your music system and recognize the grand spectacle.

Performed by the personnel of TEENAGE PANZERKORPS, DIÄT, LAST DOMINION LOST...

Out now! THE UPSIDEDOWN FLAMES "creeps at shows" 7" 24 December 2020

FY#74 THE UPSIDEDOWN FLAMES "creeps at shows" 7"

Coded in the lacerations of punk/ romantic horrors/ industrialized street kraut- a hasty meeting on the dissecting table of the perpetually thrilling creeps of HORRID RED and TEENAGE PANZERKORPS.
Hear the Boy True- a presence pregnant with alarm, wow!
Hear the Edmund Xavier- a mustang under the sun!
Hear the Clay Ruby- an elegant shadow!
The guest list is gaping and you are all invited!

Edition of 30 lathe cut 7"




Out now! BACTERIUM "sunt lacrymae rerum" LP/ shirt 24 December 2020

FY#73 BACTERIUM "sunt lacrymae rerum" LP


A deed guided by macabre flicker; the lantern ill-consorted with the degradation of sepulchral arts.
Imposing with eccentric decorum (bedlamic divination unvarnished) and alluring ambiance, BACTERIUM cultivate the wicked naturalism of real doom; poetic and necrotic.

Pressing of 300 copies, of which 30 come with a pack of 5 x 1" badges
Heavy silk-screened covers

BACTERIUM is Andrew, Raymond, Muiris

Recorded and mixed by Raymond under funereal circumstances
Artwork by Droll Meadow
Lettering and layout by Ivan Kocev
Photo by Annik De Dios

Out now! SLOTH "1987​-​2019 authentic Floridian death metal recordings" 7"/ shirt 24 December 2020

FY#75 SLOTH "1987-2019 authentic Floridian death metal recordings" 7"

Too late for the death metal party?

"Allow me to set the picture for you... the year was 1987.
My morning school bus ride consisted of mostly the tapes RxIxB, SxBxGx, "under the sign...", "the eyes of horror" & "coroner's office" in my Walkman.
In "home room" I sat next to Steve Johnston... an "honor's class" student who was amused by my obsession with the aforementioned extreme music.
Our school would have events where they would allow the class to vote for the songs that would be played at said events. I would always write in "armies of the dead" or "angel of death". Steve would ask me what he should write in. I would suggest "zombie ritual", "no will to live" or something of that nature. He used my suggestions with glee.
One day Steve said he wrote lyrics for my imaginary band I called SOAPY FISH. I thought of the name, as a bag boy at my neighborhood grocery store. All the bag boys were under constant scrutiny to not bag seafood with cleaning products. Thus, was born, my imaginary band's name.
What made the whole scenario endearing to me was not Steve's love of extreme music. He didn't love it. Steve's 2 favorite bands were RUSH & MARILLION. What made the whole thing endearing was his enjoyment of MY love of extreme music. In fact, I remember him telling me NOT to tell anyone he penned the lyrics to "flaming Christmas tree" for fear of fingers wagging from classmates & teachers alike.
Fast-forward to 1992... I met Jeff Shirilla in college. FINALLY someone who shared my obsession for dXm!! We quickly recorded to 4-track, as a duo (under the moniker SIX SIX SIX), "flaming Christmas tree". We dreamed of MORRISOUND &/or SUNLIGHT STUDIO. Of a record deal with EARACHE or R/C.
Now, more than THREE DECADES later, my longest-running idea-made-tangible (SLOTH) has recorded "flaming Christmas tree" at MORRISOUND RECORDING. Maybe we'll record "I bowl for satan" at SUNLIGHT." - Dom K.

pressing info:

- 10 x orange cover
- 20 x blue cover


DREAM DEATH "dissemination" LP
THE OBSESSED "live at The Wax Museum, 1982" 2xLP (raw and rocking recording, THICK gatefold sleeves, glow-in-dark print- highly recommended!)
SAINT VITUS "hallow's victim" official shirts
SAINT VITUS "the walking dead" official shirts

RIDE FOR REVENGE "sinking the song" LP now available 24 February 2020

Purchase here

RIDE FOR REVENGE "sinking the song" LP- nasty, disturbed and disturbing.

Hypnotic black metal witchery and heavy-for-the-soul frequencies. Aural nightmares by the wicked, ritual distortion for a total and ultimate sacrifice. 9 songs in 45 minutes, all carrying the very identifiable sing of a Mounted Avenger.
Not for the weak.

Gatefold cover including lyrics + a live photo taken by yours truly.

Released by FINAL AGONY records- plenty of copies in stock at FUCK YOGA

​Out next on FUCK YOGA 6 February 2020

(more information soon)

- THE WALKING KORPSES "all safe and dead" LP
- THE UPSIDEDOWN FLAMES "creeps at shows" 7"
- SLOTH "1987-2019 authentic Floridian death metal recordings" 7"

Distro update (THE ADICTS, CONFLICT, NAYTIA, RATOS DE PORAO...) 22 January 2020

THE ADICTS "sound of music" LP - 13€
CIRCLE JERKS "wild in the streets" LP - 13€
CONFLICT "standard issue 82~87" LP - 13€
NAFTIA discography LP + 7"+ book - 22€
NO SANCTUARY "weird slow pvnk of mistery and imagination" LP - 13€
RATOS DE PORAO "crucificados pelo sistema" LP - 13€